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I live my life each day with a view towards eternity. I strive to live by spiritual principles in everything I do. Each day I seek out people and opportunities that allow me to cheerfully serve others. I have learned that by conscientiously and unselfishly serving others, I express my gratitude to God for the life I have been given.

I strive to have the highest integrity in all my relationships. I am willing to work hard, and I have the self-discipline to achieve my goals. I seek excellence in all I do through daily progress...not an obsessive drive for perfection. I am reminded each day that life is a gift, and it is perfect just as it is - even if there is some struggle. I rejoice in learning and helping others to avoid struggle and pain in their own lives. I have genuine positive expectations of people, and am surprised when they don't do well. I strive to bring out the best in people.

I love my family and friends and treat each one with respect. I seek to understand, and to value their differences. I consciously make daily deposits in their emotional bank accounts, encouraging them to become all they can be. I accept full responsibility for my life.

I seek wisdom through a continuous program of personal development. I am physically fit, feeding my body healthy thoughts and healthy foods. I exercise regularly to maintain my strength and endurance. I practice good stewardship of the gifts God has given me and I expect increase knowing that God is abundant. I serve others by encouraging them to reach their fullest potential. I build other people up by seeing only that which God created them to be.

When I die, I'd like people to be able to say this about me: "Scott, I always felt better about myself and the world when you were around."

What an amazing life that would have been...and no doubt a dream worth my pursuing!


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